Tijmen Ploeger is an illustrator currently based in Berlin, Germany. Ever since he was a little rascal he was making doodles and coloring things, outside of being in front of the TV watching cartoons. It wasn't a surprise that later on he went to study for it. Nothing felt better than making a living out of what he loves to do.

After graduating in Graphic design (2001) the created wings were ready to be used and go professional. In that time he was still very interested in cartoons but also websites so the outcome of which direction to go was very simple: animated websites! In a few years he made loads of them and outside work he continued drawing simple comics.

Years passed by and finally he rolled into illustrating, it turned out that this was what he was really looking for. Inspired by names like Chip Wass, Monfa and Gary Taxali, the style he uses now is a mix between characters and comics, two of his favorite things!

By now he reached 17 years in his profession, and he is still aiming on diversity in his current works, which is working out pretty well.